Occupational Rehabilitation Policy Statement 

Perth Recruitment Services Pty Ltd recognises the importance of rehabilitation to ensure that employees suffering a work related injury or disease receive timely and effective services resulting in an early return to work.
Perth Recruitment Services Pty Ltd will make provision for the occupational rehabilitation of employees who have sustained a compensated work related injury or disability.
In this context, rehabilitation is defined as: “The ongoing combined and coordinated use of medical, social, psychological, educational and vocational measures to restore function and assist the injured workers to return to gainful employment”.
Early intervention with effective rehabilitation provides physical, psychological, social and financial benefits to employees, while minimising disruption to work and reducing costs to the employer. 

To establish a structured systematic approach to “in house” rehabilitation services for employees following work related injury or disability.

To develop and encourage the expectation that it is normal practice, following work related injury or disability for persons to return as soon as practicable to appropriate employment. To establish that rehabilitation is the usual course of action and when appropriate, the managed, safe and early return to meaningful, productive employment should begin at the earliest possible time. To this end Perth Recruitment Services Pty Ltd will make available both alternative duties and also light duties to assist our Employees in a safe full return to the work place. To appoint a Coordinator from within to oversee the employer based rehabilitation program and to formulate a Rehabilitation Case team to achieve the desired objectives. This Rehabilitation Policy is a written commitment by Perth Recruitment Services Pty Ltd to the welfare of its employees. 


Occupational Health & Safety
Perth Recruitment Services Pty Ltd is committed to providing, a safe and healthy work environment for its employees and contractors. To ensure that all employees and contractors are safe from injury and risk to their health while they are work, Perth Recruitment Services Pty Ltd will:
Provide and maintain a healthy work environment. Provide and maintain safe equipment and work practices. Implement policies, procedures and training that promote a safe working environment. Investigate work related injuries and accidents and implement remedial action. Ensure that the Company complies with occupational health and safety and other related legislation. In accordance with legislation obligations;
Management is responsible for:
The day to day management of health and safety issues and practices. Ensuring that policies and procedures are implemented. Identifying and controlling potential hazards and risks. Promoting safety awareness and encouraging employees and contractors to work in a safe manner. Employees and contractors are responsible for:Taking care of their own safety and that of others at work. Using safe work practices and obeying all instructions issued to protect their personal health and safety and that of others. Reporting accidents or incidents via the appropriate reporting form. Keeping work areas in a safe condition. 

All types of incidents involving Perth Recruitment staff, visitors, contractors or premises should be reported immediately to the Branch Manager and then forwarded to the Human Resources Department. This includes accidents, minor and major injuries, first aid requirements, fires and evacuations where:
Any level of incapacity has resulted or is likely to result, temporarily or permanently, eg. Time off work, changes to work area or practices, or other special considerations. The incident was or could have been life threatening or cause serious injury. The situation has the potential to develop further. Emergency services were or will have to be called. Professional medical attention was or likely to be sought. Any cost was or is likely to be incurred (eg. Treatment, medication, special equipment). Remedial action was or is likely to be required. Preventive action has been or will need to be taken to avoid recurrence. Incidents involving a person or persons should use the Perth Recruitment Services Pty Ltd Injury Report form. A copy of the form must be sent to the Human Resources Department for a centralised Injury Report File.

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